[ipxe-devel] Building iPXE, enabling use of the "console" command

Anthony Takata htwiz2002 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 07:11:16 UTC 2014

I've been trying to get the console command working, and even attempting to
allow debugging in that module, but for the life of me it seems I cannot.
It's not really a game breaker, since I can just have it ignore the error,
but it would be nifty to have.

Merely using the command alone does reset the screen, but attempting to use
any parameters at all results in a "No such file or directory" error.
I've tried using the DEBUG=console:3 in the build parameters, but I'm not
getting any more output than normal from it :/
Even a command such as "console -x 720 -y 400" fails like this, even though
that's already the active display format...
Any ideas?

My build command is: make clean bin/ipxe.lkrn EMBED=script.ipxe
and I have uncommented the referenced settings seen at ipxe.org/cmd/console.
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