[ipxe-devel] Ipxe via USB key

Nathan Hollandsworth nthollandsworth at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 04:34:59 UTC 2014


I have a quick question concerning Ipxe via a USB key. Currently I am using
a key that has two boot options that I have created using bcdedit (pe
winx86 and winpe x64).

Now Im running into a problem with certain tablets not wanting to boot with
the multiboot key. They will boot to a key with a single boot.wim. However,
I am trying to reduce the number of keys that I have to use for our

I was wondering if I could somehow use bcdedit to add ipxe to my
bootmanager list so that I could kick off network deployments via the usb
key as opposed to actually using the f-12 pxe boot option.

This could really help with os deployment of tablets that do not have the
pxe option in the bios.

I was mainly wondering if there may be any documentation or forum
conversations with a similar topic. I was unable to find something in the
forum specifically that helped out.

Thanks for your time,

Nathan Hollandsworth
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