[ipxe-devel] snponly.efi broken

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Wed Aug 6 15:00:26 UTC 2014

On 06/08/14 15:40, Jarrod Johnson wrote:
> EFIDRV 0x691db218
> PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)/MAC(5CF3FC6E4738,0x0) could not
> open device path: Error 0x7f37e08f (http://ipxe.org/7f37e08f)

This error can no longer happen, as of commit


Could you retry with the latest iPXE code?

> I guess my question on having to disconnect the protocols is how
> important that is in the snp or snponly cases.

 From observation, MNP installs a periodic timer which will continually 
attempt to retrieve packets from the SNP device.  If iPXE attempts to 
use the SNP device without having first disconnected MNP, then we are 
likely to experience heavy packet loss.

> I will confess to having thought about creating a simple filesystem device
> that in no way looks like a network device to avoid triggering network
> behaviors in EFI bootloaders, but that would probably be making a new
> device handle instead of trying to use the network device.

I'm contemplating a similar course of action, for the sake of booting 

> That said, forgive me if this sounds stupid but I don't know better...
> Would it make sense to chase the parentage of the device path of
> interested looking for a managed network protocol device in this case?

It's plausible that MNP has not yet been connected to (or has already 
been disconnected from) the SNP device, in which case we wouldn't find it.


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