[ipxe-devel] IPXE and SCCM 2012

Jag Nagra -X (janagra - Amicus at Cisco) janagra at cisco.com
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Firstly- thanks for a great series of articles on IPXE.

I am working on a project at Cisco where we are looking at using IPXE to limit the number of distribution points to serve Operating System Deployment/PXE.  We have followed the guides to implement an IPXE environment to support SCCM and have got as far as the screenshots that have been provided on the site but once we attempt to get past this point and select a task sequence we are experiencing issues where the 'LaunchMode' is not determined and therefore the task sequence fails.  We have found the _SMSTSLAUNCHMODE variable but this is read only.

Have any of the other contributors or users of this site experienced this issue and have managed to progress?



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