[ipxe-devel] "hidden menu"?

James A. Peltier jpeltier at sfu.ca
Thu Sep 19 16:14:54 UTC 2013

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| On 18.09.2013 09:35, Oliver Rath wrote:
| > is it possible in ipxe to generate a "hidden" menu as in grub?
| No, the menu/item/choose commands do not support any form of "hidden"
| menu option.
| > I imagine
| > a time of i.e. 5 seconds with a dark screen where ipxe waits for a
| > specific key doing some action.
| You could use the prompt command to ask for another key than the one
| you
| mention in the text and go to some "secret" menu if you press the
| right
| key before the timeout.
| > If this is possiblo with menu/item/choose imho it would be a good
| > idea
| > to put this into the documentation. But at the moment my tests
| > failed.
| It's not. My guess is that you want to lock out parts of your netboot
| system to admins that know the super-secret way of accessing it,
| right?
| My suggestion is to create an "admin-only" option in a menu, let it
| go
| to the login command, let the user type in something and then verify
| either username and/or password variables for what you expect. If you
| don't use server-side verification it's just security through
| obscurity,
| but it'll stop most users from getting in there.
| If you're trying to do something else, please explain your use-case.
| -- Robin

I think he's trying to make it so that the menu does something by default without displaying the menu at all.  This is what the GRUB "hidden" option does.  It's not about protecting anything such thing, rather it's about making it aesthetically pleasing by default with additional options if you interrupt the netboot process

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