[ipxe-devel] suggestion for improvement - USB Logging/Debug

Petry Roman, SHS-S IT-TS Roman.Petry at shsservices.org
Fri Nov 8 10:20:25 UTC 2013

>> Unfortunately it's not that straightforward.  You can't hook two computers (USB hosts) together with just a cable; you need a device in the middle which supports the USB Debug Device extensions.  For example, the NET20DC (cost US$95):
 >>  http://www.semiconductorstore.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=12083
>> Michael

Hello Michael,
well, what should i say.. you are absolutely right..t´s better to read the text slow 8-) to understand it right on the corebootpage
i´m willing to support / donate some euro/dollar via paypal if you want to rise die 90 Dollar fort he net2dc deivce, or 2 of those device to build an own version of such a debug system:
http://www.coreboot.org/DIY_EHCI_debug_dongle (http://www.ebay.de/itm/EZ-USB-FX2LP-CY7C68013A-USB-Development-Core-Board-Module-Logic-Analyzer-EEPROM-/400470811401?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item5d3deba309 ) 10 Euro per Device + some soldering.. 
 i think the NET20DC is not produced anymore..

Someone else ?
What would you prefer ?

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