[ipxe-devel] Participation in Google Summer of Code 2013 - CALL FOR MENTORS

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Wed Mar 13 12:04:29 UTC 2013

Hi everyone!

It's getting close to the time to decide if we want to participate in
GSoC 2013. The time window to register as an organization is March 18-29.

The ideas page from last year is at http://ipxe.org/gsoc, and I've
updated it to point to 2013 instead of 2012.

The most important thing in all of this is to figure out if anyone is
willing to mentor. Without any mentors nothing will happen. Which is why
I'm calling out to all of you asking if you'd like to help out the
project by taking on a student for the summer.

If you have some project ideas I'd also urge you to add a paragraph to
the page mentioned above. If you're willing to mentor a particular idea,
feel free to shout it out and someone will take notes (or make a note of
it on the wiki).

In terms of workload in being a mentor during the summer, I'm going to
guess at least 3-5 hours per week would be expected of you.

I'm willing to take on the role as coordinator again, if we have enough
mentors to participate properly. I'm also willing to mentor the prebuilt
binary web interface project (if any student decides to pick it up).

So what do you say? Wanna help out?

-- Robin

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