[ipxe-devel] Patch tracking

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Wed Mar 6 12:36:16 UTC 2013

On 06.03.2013 08:22, Robin Smidsrød wrote:
> If that doesn't work for you, I can try to cobble together something
> using perl that will at least allow you to view open and closed PRs
> (possibly together with the title, author and URL to interact with it on
> the web) so you know which PRs to ignore in your git remote branch list.

I actually did this before I got a response. You can get my tool
App::GitHubPullRequest installed by just typing in these few lines in
your shell:

$ curl -L http://cpanmin.us | perl - --self-upgrade
$ cpanm App::GitHubPullRequest

When you have that installed, you should be able to list pull requests
just by typing:

$ pr
$ pr list closed # not shown by default
$ pr show 7      # also includes comments
$ pr patch 7     # can be piped to colordiff if you like colors
$ pr help

If you don't have 'git config github.user' and 'git config
github.password' set in your git config, it will use unauthenticated API
requests, which has a rate-limit of 60 requests (per hour, I believe).
If you add your user+password info it should allow 5000 requests before
you get problems.

PS: You must be standing in a directory that is a git dir and that
directory must have a remote that points to github.com for the tool to work.

Please report back how/if it works for (any of) you.

-- Robin

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