[ipxe-devel] Dell C6220 lkrn MAC address issue / Intel I350

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 17:09:55 UTC 2013

On 24/02/13 21:02, Matthew Drobnak wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response.
> Indeed, a debug build sheds a lot of light on it -
> Loading ipxe.lkrn...ready.
> iPXE initialising devices...INTEL 0xbb6a0 MAC reset (ctrl 081c0261)
> INTEL 0xbb6a0 has autoloaded MAC address 78:45:c4:f8:9c:e3
> INTEL 0xbb6a0 has large-format EERD
> INTEL 0xbb6a0 has EEPROM MAC address 78:45:c4:f8:9c:e4 (port 0)
> INTEL 0xbb6a0 link status is 80280387
> INTEL 0xbb870 MAC reset (ctrl 081c0261)
> INTEL 0xbb870 has autoloaded MAC address 78:45:c4:f8:9c:e4
> INTEL 0xbb870 has large-format EERD
> INTEL 0xbb870 has EEPROM MAC address 78:45:c4:f8:9c:e7 (port 3)
> INTEL 0xbb870 link status is 80280783
> ok
> So now the question is how do we make it use the autoloaded MAC address,
> as they are correct? Or, why are the EEPROM ones incorrect?

The EEPROM contains a single base MAC address (78:45:c4:f8:9c:e4 in this 
case), from which the MAC addresses for each port are derived by XORing 
the port number with the low byte of the MAC address.

I'm puzzled by a few things:

- Why do we have port 0 and port 3, rather than port 0 and port 1?  What 
does "lspci -v" show for this NIC?

- Why is the autoloaded MAC address for port 0 _lower_ than the base MAC 
address stored in the EEPROM?  Do you have the Intel model number for 
this NIC (i.e. the number physically printed on the controller chip)? 
If so, the datasheet might shed some light.


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