[ipxe-devel] [gPXE] gpxe on USB or HD

Yadin Flammer yxf4 at psu.edu
Fri Jun 14 03:59:21 UTC 2013

hmm... in that case perhaps a small note on the instructions for those 
not as heavily versed in unix (or reading and thinking that close) might 
help?  Say adding "Note this is not /dev/sdXX as seen in fdisk -l which 
would be a partition, JUST /dev/sdX which is the device without a 
partition number." or something to that effect.  I also noticed the 
website and everyone here says to use dd, but the instructions displayed 
at the end of the make operation say to use something different (which 
also didn't work for me, but I was again leaving on a partition number) 
so some consistency might again help the neophyte not get tripped up.
Just some thoughts, hope they're helpful.

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On 6/13/13 11:42 PM, Clive Eisen wrote:
> On 14 Jun 2013, at 13:21, Yadin Flammer wrote:
>> Well hey, that might explain the blank drive then.... Important tip, I'll give that a shot  :)
>> One of the things that drives me nuts about unix, you'd think that dd would kick back and say you can't do that, specify a device not a partition, rather than acting like it was successful.
> No - it did do it - it's just not what you WANTED to do
> --
> Clive

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