[ipxe-devel] ipxe vs gpxe

Yadin Flammer yxf4 at psu.edu
Thu Jun 13 20:54:15 UTC 2013

In addition to my last email, I actually created an ipxe CD to compare 
it to gpxe and found that ipxe doesn't work where gpxe works great.  The 
first issue is that ipxe looks at various network devices in the wrong 
order, so it has to time out on wireless before going ahead on 
ethernet.  gpxe goes straight to ethernet so it starts much faster.  
Once you choose a PXE image to boot from, ipxe is unable to actually 
boot, it can't download the image and never progresses.  gpxe instantly 
pulls it and starts the boot process.

All around it so far seems ipxe has a lot of issues and is not 
functional compared to it's predecessor.  Since ipxe doesn't seem to 
work at all, I continue to wonder about a way to get gpxe onto USB as a 
bootable media from the ISO.

Any advice is appreciated.

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