[ipxe-devel] login screen and digest

Patrick Rombouts mail at mount.cc
Tue Jun 11 21:58:25 UTC 2013



First of all i'd like to thank the contributors for creating this awesome
piece of software.


I've been building a few simple applications with it, and for my newest
brainfart i'd like to use the inbuilt login screen in iPXE. I can use it,
and the parameters are being written to the username and password value
fine. I'd like to send this to an http server, as i cannot get iPXE to work
with my https server. The main issue is that i don't see a way currently to
hash this password, and i don't rather send it over the internet in plain
text. Is there a way to apply a sauce of md5 or sha1 with a seed over it so
it won't go over the network in plain text?


Thanks in advance,



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