[ipxe-devel] Win7 x64 iSCSI install - insanely slow shutdown time

Steve Cross hairlesshobo at stevecross.org
Mon Jun 3 23:38:56 UTC 2013

Hey everybody,

Been a little while since I posted on here. I finally got my Intel
NUCs that I wanted to get and they run great. Got them up and running
with iSCSI and everything is great - except shutdown time. The system
will go from power off to running windows in 60 seconds, but it takes
6-8 minutes to shut down and I have NO clue why. This is quite
annoying because whenever I do have to shutdown my iSCSI server, I
want to make sure that all clients are cleanly shutdown first and this
is quite an insane length of time for a very clean install of Windows
7 to shut down. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with
iSCSI, or if perhaps there may be some suggestions (not directly
related to iPXE) that you might could offer.

Thanks in advance!

Steve Cross
hairlesshobo at stevecross.org

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