[ipxe-devel] embed startup script

G10 Consulting james at g10consulting.com
Sun Jun 2 00:07:19 UTC 2013

I am able to compile tftp and even boot winpe using the iso, so everything
manuelly works if I type it.


but I am not able to embed the script with my compiler (to make it automatic


cd src 

make bin/undionly.kkkpxe EMBED=../ipxelinux.ipxe


and my ipxelinux.ipxe text file has





my tftp server only has the undionly.kkkpxe file it.

do I need to pass also another tftp file for instance the ipxelinux.ipxe


so I want it to auto dhcp and boot from a web server inside the script.


but its not working, I don't see any notes for this part anywhere.

any insight.





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