[ipxe-devel] help pushing iscsi targets with DHCP

Gruher, Joseph R joseph.r.gruher at intel.com
Thu Jul 25 02:02:35 UTC 2013


I have DHCP services and iSCSI targets running on a CentOS 6.4 installation.  So far so good.  I would like to set up my clients to receive iSCSI target information via DHCP so I don't have to configure them all manually.

This is touched on here:

The part I'm not following is this seems to specify a single iSCSI target that is going to be passed to every client.  I would like each client to receive a unique target, for example, gets target01, and gets target02, and so on.  Each client needs its own target for boot, unless I'm missing something.

Is this possible and could anyone point me to some guidance on how to implement it?


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