[ipxe-devel] esxi5 use ftp to install is very slow

Yixuan Huang yixuan178 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 12:37:57 UTC 2013

hello guys,
not sure if here is the right place to raise my concern.
when i used ipxe to load esxboot.efi -c boot.cfg ks=ftp://xx/esxi5
I can see esxi installer has been loaded, and small size file has been
downloaded, but when load s.v00 which is 117MB, it will be very slow. when
i switch to ftp window, it shows only 20kb which is down from 1MB/s in my
I have used two ftp server, both are similar.
have you met that issue? how to resovle? when i used xcat through http,
works fine.

some problem for esxi installer ?

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