[ipxe-devel] wimboot amd64 trouble

Malte Starostik lists at malte.homeip.net
Fri Jan 25 17:50:55 UTC 2013


after having gone with memdisk & WinPE ISO for a while, I stumbled over 
wimboot just today...very impressive work!

Sure thing I tried it at once.  On a VM (qemu/kvm) it did a perfect job 
immediately.  On a physical machine though, it just hangs at "Windows is 
loading files..." if I include wgl4_boot.ttf.  Without the font, I see 
"Windows is loading files..." in text mode for an instant and then it hangs 
with just a black screen.

If I omit boot.wim, I get the expected error message fine, so everything seems 
to "work" to some extent.

The issue happens consistently with WinPE 3.0 with and without customisations, 
vanilla WinPE 3.1 as well as the boot.wim from a plain Win 7 SP1 setup image.

x86 image boots up alright on the same hardware.

Any hints?

Many thanks in advance,

Script used:


initrd winpe/bootmgr bootmgr
initrd winpe/boot/bcd BCD
initrd winpe/boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd winpe/boot/fonts/wgl4_boot.ttf wgl4_boot.ttf
initrd winpe/sources/boot.wim boot.wim
chain wimboot
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