[ipxe-devel] Issue with Realtek card and iPXE

Marek Salwerowicz marek_sal at wp.pl
Sun Jan 20 17:34:33 UTC 2013


W dniu 2012-09-03 04:13, Michael Brown pisze:
> On Monday 03 Sep 2012 01:58:55 Michael wrote:
>> I knew I wasn't going to get off that easy.
>> Since I am coming fro gpxe to ipxe, can you suggest a revision as a good
>> starting place?  Looking at the date of the binary I am using, it is from
>> August 27th 2011.
> You could try the branch commit: 8406115

today I was trying to run the undionly.kpxe (chainloaded from native 
PXE) on Realtek 8112L.
This is a built-in card to my motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe

Unfortunately, the current release wasn't unable to boot on my card.

The 'ipxe.pxe' image works fine:

I've used the git bisect tool, starting from the commit you suggested 
All the tries were unsuccessful and the bisect tool result is:

329686c0262001054db42f7b5d33677430980fed is the first bad commit
commit 329686c0262001054db42f7b5d33677430980fed
Author: Michael Brown <mcb30 at ipxe.org>
Date:   Mon Apr 19 20:32:25 2010 +0100

     [romprefix] Remove .xrom prefix

     The .xrom prefix provides an experimental mechanism for loading ROM
     images greater than 64kB in size by mapping the expansion ROM BAR in
     at a hopefully-unused address.  This is unreliable, and potentially
     dangerous.  In particular, there is no guarantee that any PCI bridges
     between the CPU and the device will respond to accesses for the
     "unused" memory region that is chosen, and it is possible that the
     process of scanning for the "unused" memory region may end up issuing
     reads to other PCI devices.  If this ends up trampling on a register
     with read side-effects belonging to an unrelated PCI device, this may
     cause undefined behaviour.

     Signed-off-by: Michael Brown <mcb30 at ipxe.org>

:040000 040000 d15243cf5a6a9e83735bc569feabb82a9ef28e55 
749ddd1777ab30f211ac1bfe13ebd8f559a0bcce M src

everytime I was trying to boot the 'undionly.kpxe' the result was the same:

And it was hanging at 'initializing devices'


Marek Salwerowicz

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