[ipxe-devel] kvm e1000 rom bug?

alessio alessio at ftgm.it
Thu Jan 10 15:41:14 UTC 2013

I'm not a developer, and I am not an expert of the following topics.

I have an iPXE server.
The default KVM roms, that are included with KVM/Qemu provided with my
Linux distribution (centos 6) do not work whit iPXE. At least I'm unable
to let gXPE to works with iPXE.

So, in order to use iPXE from a KVM machine in place of gPXE, I compiled
iPXE roms.

make bin/8086100e.rom
cp bin/8086100e.rom /usr/share/gpxe/e1000-0x100e.rom

The KVM machine start, but it go in pause just when iPXE says "iPXE (PCI
00:03.0) starting execution ..."

The iPXE rtl8139.rom, instead, works fine with iPXE but with poor
performance (?)

The iPXE virtio.rom, works very well with good performances. But I
cannot use such interface, because as far as I know it is not supported
by SmartOS.

So I would try to use e1000, but the KVM machine hangs.


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