[ipxe-devel] Issues installing Windows 7 to iSCSI with iPXE

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 15:23:52 UTC 2013

On Thursday 03 Jan 2013 15:15:53 Steve Cross wrote:
> I didn't realize that this routing issue had already been worked
> around in iPXE. Is this something that I have to specifically enable
> somewhere or is it supposed to happen automagically?

It's not iPXE that does it; there's no way for iPXE to construct an iBFT that 
won't trigger the erroneous behaviour in Windows.

sanbootconf is the iSCSI boot configuration driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003.  
It should also work on later versions of Windows, though it isn't necessary 
since the equivalent functionality is included in Windows by default.  
However, if you do install sanbootconf then it should work around the routing 

> On a side note, I just realized that this is the devel mailing list
> and I am only a user. Please let me know if I need to unsubscribe and
> leave everyone alone since I am not actively developing iPXE - I would
> hate to be intruding where I should not be.

No, this is the right place!


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