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Matias.Hohl at swisscom.com Matias.Hohl at swisscom.com
Fri Dec 6 11:07:15 UTC 2013

Hello dear team

I'm new in using wimboot and I'm having problems.
Situation: I have a HP Elite 8300 Small Form Factor working perfectly with wimboot. The same model - but with an additional graphic card (nVidia) - does not work.
It outputs an Windows Boot Manager error 0xc000000d. If I disable the onboard graphic card in BIOS or remove the nVidia everything works perfectly.

I'm using PXELINUX 6.02 (lpxelinux.0) directly with wimboot. No iPXE.

Any idea how to solve that?

With kindest regards,
Matias Hohl
Senior ICT System Engineer
Enduser Services Engineering

matias.hohl at swisscom.com
Swisscom IT Services AG
Enduser Services Engineering

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