[ipxe-devel] console --keep breaks linux-boot

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Sat Dec 7 09:59:20 UTC 2013

Hi Michael,
hi list,

there is a strange error booting ubuntu: If i take the --keep parameter
into console-command, linux-kerne starts booting, but isnt able to find
its root-device. If Im disabling --keep, all is running fine. I have no
idea of the reason for this.

NB: For testing you need the ubuntu-12.04.3 *daily*
(http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/precise/daily-live/current/), because in the
generic cd the nfs-modules are broken.

My menu.ipxe is attached.


-------------- next part --------------
dhcp || goto dhcp
console -y 800 -y 600 -p tftp://${gateway}/cn.pnm || shell
# console -y 800 -y 600 -p tftp://${gateway}/cn.pnm --keep || shell
# "--keep" breaks booting ubuntu, why?
  item ubuntu   Ubuntu LiveCD 12.04.3-daily
  item shell    goto ipxe shell
  choose --timeout 3000 target && goto ${target} || goto shell
kernel  nfs://${gateway}/opt/gu/netinstall/x86-64/ubuntu/casper/vmlinuz.efi ||
initrd  nfs://${gateway}/opt/gu/netinstall/x86-64/ubuntu/casper/initrd.lz ||
imgargs vmlinuz.efi boot=casper netboot=nfs ip=eth0 nfsroot=${gateway:ipv4}:/opt/gu/netinstall/x86-64/ubuntu/
boot || shell

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