[ipxe-devel] Make a Splash

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sun Apr 21 21:23:45 UTC 2013

On Sunday 21 Apr 2013 21:46:27 Andrew Bobulsky wrote:
> On a related note, I've seen in the past that list posts sometimes
> come in... Bursts?  Is there any chance you could use some volunteers
> to help moderate the list?

Thanks for the offer!  Subscribers have the right to post without moderation by 
default, so the moderation delay should affect only posts from unsubscribed 
addresses (of which the majority are spam), and posts violating some of 
mailman's policies (such as having large attachments).

List moderation policy is documented at http://ipxe.org/admin

I'll send you the moderator password off-list.

Thanks again.


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