[ipxe-devel] Regression with commit fc87adb46c1395b09302085e9d15fcd8ab3c31fe - [efi] Expose downloaded images via EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL on IMAGE_EFI

Joshua C. joshuacov at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 14:40:37 UTC 2013

2013/4/6 Michael Brown <mbrown at fensystems.co.uk>

> This will give you an iPXE EFI ROM; you'll see it show up as "EFI Network"
> in the EFI boot device selection screen, and it should thereafter look and
> feel similar to normal iPXE.
> There is no such thing as a non-EFI (aka BIOS or "legacy") ROM which is
> capable of loading an EFI image.  Such a thing simply does not and can not
> exist.
> Michael

I didn't know this. Up to know I've been using a modified version of ipxe
that gives me a shell after initilizing the devices (just a modified main()
function), so that I can load and boot any image over a network. I've
always had all image types enabled in general.h and never had an issues
when starting ipxe. Right now my system just reboots regardless of the not
supported IMAGE_EFI. From my point of view this is a regression, because
befor this commit ipxe started without glitches regardless if an image is
supported or not. So even if the image is not supported then ipxe should
gracefully continue initilization and not reboot the mashine....

>From the shell I can point to and download any efi image over the network,
but why it cannot boot the system?

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