[ipxe-devel] Regression with commit fc87adb46c1395b09302085e9d15fcd8ab3c31fe - [efi] Expose downloaded images via EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL on IMAGE_EFI

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sat Apr 6 09:44:28 UTC 2013

On 06/04/13 09:52, Joshua C. wrote:
> Commit fc87adb46c1395b09302085e9d15fcd8ab3c31fe ([efi] Expose downloaded
> images via EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL) introduced a regression when
> compiling ipxe with IMAGE_EFI support. In my case initialise(); finishes
> fine but startup(); cannot finish and my mashine restarts all the time.
> After reverting this commit (and all other commits that introduced
> changes to those files) everything works fine again. I can circumvent
> this with disabling the IMAGE_EFI support. Then everything works fine again.
> Testing was done with 10ec8168.lkrn on a p67 chipset (ami bios with efi
> support). Can someone take a look at this?

Do not enable IMAGE_EFI when building a non-EFI version of iPXE. 
There's no way to load an EFI binary on a non-EFI platform anyway, so it 
makes no sense to ask for IMAGE_EFI support.

IMAGE_EFI is enabled by default when building EFI versions of iPXE. 
There should never be a need to explicitly enable it.


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