[ipxe-devel] Patch: Add ${mac/hexnone} settings type

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 17:55:30 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 26 Sep 2012 18:48:22 Levente LEVAI wrote:
> Just a thought: I think it is more useful to add some text manipulation to
> the setting expansion code. I have implemented the following syntax:
> ${*<setting name>} expands to url_encode(<setting name>)

${<name>:uristring} should already do what you want for this.

> ${-<list of chars to delete><last char repeated><setting name>} remove
>    any character in <list of chars to delete> from setting when expanded
> E.g. ${-::net0/mac} returns the thing you need.
> My code is probably a bit longer than yours but not that much (I download
> my ipxe through tftp so size is not a concern for me).
> If interested I can submit a patch.

This would have to be small enough to be included in a ROM build as well.  If 
the total code size increase is less than 100 bytes then it could be worth 


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