[ipxe-devel] recent commit break boot from remote iscsi cdrom

Yaocl chunlinyao at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 02:34:08 UTC 2012


I have a iscsi target which is a win7 iso file.I can not boot from it
after update the source.
use git bisect I found the commit about this bug.

73eb3f17db3ff0a57a52507eafb5ef78eb5dc66e is the first bad commit
commit 73eb3f17db3ff0a57a52507eafb5ef78eb5dc66e
Author: Michael Brown <mcb30 at ipxe.org>
Date:   Fri Sep 14 15:42:54 2012 +0100

    [int13] Zero all possible registers when jumping to a boot sector

    At least one boot sector (the DUET boot sector used for bootstrapping
    EFI from a non-EFI system) fails to initialise the high words of
    registers before using them in calculations, leading to undefined

    Work around such broken boot sectors by explicitly zeroing the
    contents of all registers apart from %cs:%ip and %ss:%sp.

    Signed-off-by: Michael Brown <mcb30 at ipxe.org>

:040000 040000 3977b3d9d9a9aa498e1e8316b1b2c2cb3f32cc68
a21b4d04f0b21aa7be0c95f8cea99a30feea23bf M	src

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