[ipxe-devel] Chain loading ipxelinux from pxelinux

Pereira pereira at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Sep 11 14:28:08 UTC 2012


I have a question regarding chain loading ipxelinux from within pxelinux.
We are trying to integrate IPXE into our network boot environment due to
the benefit from faster data transmission rates with the featured http
functionality. So far our TFTP server hands out ipxelinux.0 with the embedded pxelinux
to the clients upon boot and DHCP request. It is possible to load system
files over HTTP and even chain load to other pxelinux bootloaders with
the chainloader.com module.

Particularly what is not working is chain loading from ipxelinux to
ipxelinux; and chain loading from pxelinux to ipxelinux.
The machines just reboot without any further message.

The problem is that other departments point to our bootloader so we are
required to have a solution that takes a minimum amount of changes,
especially to the existing bootmenu entries from other departments. So
the basic idea was to simply replace pxelinux with ipxelinux on our servers.

Any debugging tips or hints would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

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