[ipxe-devel] In order to ooting ESXi mboot.c32 from ipxe enable IMAGE_COMBOOT in general/config.h

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Sun Sep 9 13:17:59 UTC 2012

On 09.09.2012 14:13, Thomas Glanzmann wrote:
> Hello Robin,
>> https://gist.github.com/2769396
> I had to try it, but it doesn't boot for me.
> This is my script: http://pbot.rmdir.de/20e1070d6c4757aa643673e2b26e6376
> I compiled ipxe with IMAGE_MULTIBOOT enabled, use undionly.kpxe and see
> the following screen and there it hangs:
> http://thomas.glanzmann.de/tmp/screenshot-mini-2012-09-09-14:11:37.png
> I also see the 'MBOOT' support in the output of IPXE.

You might've encountered a bug when using that many multiboot modules.
Maybe there is some internal iPXE threshold that was overrun. But why do
you need to load all of these drivers? Aren't they bundled in one of the
other initrd images you already load? You don't really need to load that
many non-standard drivers, do you?

I'd suggest try with the minimum amount of modules loaded and see if
that works for you. Another ESXi user reported that the script I gave as
an example worked for him (without any additional modules).

You can also try injecting an "imgstat" command right before the "boot"
command to see that all of your modules are loaded properly and
tboot.b00 is actually still set as the image to boot (look for the
SELECTED tag). But to actually be able to see the entire output you
would need serial or syslog console enabled. See http://ipxe.org/console
for more details on that.

-- Robin

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