[ipxe-devel] Issue with Realtek card and iPXE

Michael vendor-ipxe at kmaclub.com
Mon Sep 3 00:58:55 UTC 2012

On Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Michael Brown <mbrown at fensystems.co.uk>wrote:

> On Monday 03 Sep 2012 00:52:55 Michael wrote:
> > I gave the ipxe.pxe image a try and it is working fine.  I even tried it
> in
> > combination with iscsi from my other thread and that is working too.
> Great!  :)
> Does the up-to-date undionly.kpxe also work with your Realtek card?  If
> not,
> it would be good to fix that regression; if you have the time, could you
> try
>   http://ipxe.org/howto/bisect
> to track down the problem?
> Thanks,
> Michael

I knew I wasn't going to get off that easy.

Since I am coming fro gpxe to ipxe, can you suggest a revision as a good
starting place?  Looking at the date of the binary I am using, it is from
August 27th 2011.

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