[ipxe-devel] wimboot

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 11:49:14 UTC 2012

On Saturday 29 Sep 2012 17:22:08 Thomas Glanzmann wrote:
> > Tested on every version of Windows from Vista through to Server 2012. 
> > Typical download time for WinPE is around two seconds.
> wow. I thank you for providing this excellent piece of software.

Thank you! :)

> There is a typo at the documentation that should be fixed so that it is
> easier for new comers:
> <snip>
>      kernel wimboot
> -    initrd bootmgr          bootmgr
> +    initrd bootmgr          bootmgr.exe
>      initrd boot/bcd         BCD

That's not a typo.  You can provide wimboot with either a copy of bootmgr.exe, 
or a copy of bootmgr (which contains an embedded, compressed copy of 

If you have a copy of bootmgr.exe, you should use

  initrd bootmgr.exe      bootmgr.exe

If you have a copy of bootmgr, you should use (as per the documentation):

  initrd bootmgr           bootmgr

Getting hold of a copy of bootmgr.exe can be cumbersome, which is why wimboot 
has the ability to extract the embedded bootmgr.exe from bootmgr (which is 
much easier to find).


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