[ipxe-devel] boot.php

Andrew Stuart andrew at shopcusa.com
Sat Nov 3 04:33:14 UTC 2012

On 11/2/2012 8:05 AM, E-Blokos wrote:
> Hi,
> just discovered ipxe which is a very interesting project.
> I compiled undionly.kpxe with EMBED=demo.ipxe
> with this code inside demo.ipxe
>    #!ipxe
>    dhcp
>    chainhttp://myserver/ipxe/boot.php
> But I don't understand what to put in boot.php
> my wish would be to have directly a menu with choice of booting
> on Live cd or anything else directly
> is it possible and how ?
> Thanks
> Franck

You don't mention, are you familiar with php as a language? Do you need 
php? or did you just see it as an example?

Here's one example I found of someone's boot.php file, although without 
any menus, and is specific to the authors environment. This is what 
could go in there:


Otherwise, For an excellent menu example I'd highly recommend looking 
over Robin's configuration.


His example does not use php, but uses ipxe native commands/files to 
achieve a dynamic boot system based on the system properties, as well as 
having an extensive menu.

Even if you decide you need php, I would recommend reading over this as 
it shows you the power of ipxe and has example configurations to get you 

Finally, another more complete php based system, with user 
authentication and dynamic menus based on the user. Be warned, this does 
not use ipxe's native menu system. IIRC com32 support is no longer 
enabled by default. It would require pxelinux (SYSLINUX) or a recompile 
to work:


Finally, Documentation is your friend The following explains ipxe 
scripting and has a few examples, and then the ipxe command reference:




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