[ipxe-devel] any details about the state of KEEP_IT_REAL?

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Tue Jun 12 08:26:20 UTC 2012

On 11.06.2012 19:40, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> So if iPXE wants to replace both Etherboot (which is also broken in this
> respect) and Intel PXE in VirtualBox this apparently otherwise unused
> feature will have to be resurrected. We're aware that this means kicking
> out any feature which isn't vital, and that's not a concern since in the
> worst case the people who need a more feature rich iPXE build can
> replace the ROM image, or use the simple one to bootstrap a build over
> the network which has everything enabled.

I was actually trying to replace the ROM image in VirtualBox (Windows 7
x64 host), but I've not been successful with the paravirtualized or
intel-emulated adapters. Only the AMD pcnet network adapter seems to
work with an iPXE ROM. That is kinda boring, since I want an emulated
gigabit adapter, and not just 100Mbit.

This is my tiny bash function I use to build the vbox-related artifacts:

make_vbox() {
    cd src &&
    make -j4 bin/intel--virtio-net--pcnet32.dsk &&
    make -j4 bin/10222000.rom bin/1af41000.rom bin/8086100e.rom &&
    perl util/padimg.pl --verbose --blksize 4096 bin/10222000.rom &&
    perl util/padimg.pl --verbose --blksize 4096 bin/1af41000.rom &&
    perl util/padimg.pl --verbose --blksize 4096 bin/8086100e.rom &&
    cd ..

It's the 1022:2000 ROM that seems to work for me, the two others don't
even load.

-- Robin

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