[ipxe-devel] Realtek r8169 (10ec8168.rom) breaks download everytime at 47%

Joshua C. joshuacov at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 8 15:39:46 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

as the title says I compiled the latest git code (git-date: 07.01.2012) for
my card (10ec:8168) and successfully inserted it in my bios. I activated
all features in general.h (even wireless, but no debug options and no
serial) and the rom image grew up to about 77kb. I flashed the modified
bios and tested it trying to install the latest fedora16. iPXE started
successfully but everytime I try to download the file
connection breaks exactly at 47%.

First I download the vmlinuz with "kernel
and it works fine. This file is about 4mb. The when trying to doanload the
is about 129mb, the connection breaks at exactly 47% and the orange
color on the ethernet connector stops blinking. Can some take a look at
this? Is there any memory limit (up to about 65Mb = 4mb + 47%x129mb) the
ipxe can use?

What I noticed during my tests is that the connection is extremely slow.
When I boot with 10ec8168.lkrn then everything works fine (no breaks at
47%). With linux I reach the maximum speed of my connection (about 2,3mb/s)
and the aforementioned files download for about 1,5min. With 10ec8168.rom
it takes about 2 min only for the vmlinuz about about 6min for initrd.img
before reaching 47% and breaking down. Why is that? in both cases I use the
r8169 driver.

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