[ipxe-devel] vmxnet3 port

Pete Holland pholland27 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 05:22:56 UTC 2012

So I'm working on a port of the vmxnet3 driver to ipxe (mainly because
the default pxe client in ESX is not suitable for my needs).
One problem I've run into is that the vmxnet3 driver seems to require
far more memory (by default somewhere between 1-2 MB) from
the heap than ipxe normally has (128K) for setting up all of its DMA
structures.  I am currently hacking malloc.c to up the heap size
but I'm wondering if there is a 'correct' way of doing this in terms
of ipxe development (since, if I'm successful, I'd like to contribute
port to the project).
The second problem is that I am at the point where I have set up the
BARs correctly (as I can read/write the MAC address, link state is
and resetting the device seems to jigger some logs into vmware.log
indicating that it is successfully doing the reset), however
'activating' the device fails (with no indication in vmware.log or
hostd.log as to why).
At this point, I'm about to go hat-in-hand to the vmware dev
responsible for the Linux vmxnet3 driver for some insight, but I
figured I'd ask if
anyone else here has tried this before, heard of anyone trying this,
or otherwise has a thought on the matter.

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