[ipxe-devel] Negative implications of doing undinet_poll loop even if ISR not triggered?

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sun Feb 12 13:53:53 UTC 2012

On Sunday 12 Feb 2012 13:24:59 Jarrod Johnson wrote:
> Well, I have an Emulex firmware that is doing so, but I think they may have
> some working levels of firmware and some not.  It might also have some sort
> of interaction with system firmware, as I'm fairly sure they've gotten this
> working in the past without the workaround and really insufficient time has
> been spent determining why the interrupts aren't coming.
> As far as detecting, I haven't tried but I was wondering if on transmit of
> a packet we set some really short timeout (tx completion should be very
> very soon) and if no TX completion interrupt comes along during
> undinet_poll, could declare that interrupts are not coming.

That was my thought as well.  I'm not sure that all PXE stacks will generate 
TX completion interrupts, though, so that strategy might create false 


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