[ipxe-devel] comments on documentation

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Mon Dec 31 10:09:03 UTC 2012

On 30.12.2012 15:44, Carlos Capriotti wrote:
> Second, thank you very much, not just for the reply, but specially for
> your mile-long examples from https://gist.github.com/2234639

Glad to hear it was useful to you.

> An amazing coincidence, but my successful implementation - so far - of
> iPXE was due to your page; Studying and using your code from that page
> helped me understanding the mechanism.

Actually, there isn't much documentation out there except for the manual
pages on http://ipxe.org/ (they are quite good, though). If you search
for "ipxe example" you get a few results, and several of them are from
people active in the iPXE community, including my article you linked to
above. If you have a setup you're satisfied with, please write about it
on your blog, or post a summary in the iPXE forum (or both).

> Now, more to the point, the problems I found at the "embed" page were:
> Under "Embedding via the command line"
> timeout 10
>   default 0
>   title iPXE
>   kernel (hd0,0)/ipxe.lkrn dhcp \&\& chain http://bootserver/boot.php
> This did not work, at the dhcp statement; 
> I used a blank (well, freshly formatted) USB stick, FAT format, set to
> bootable, prepared on a CentOS 6 system (32 bits). Installed GRUB on it,
> and and used the code above.
> Turns out iPXE complained of:
> \&\& chain http://myserver/

Did you try to just change \&\& to && and leave the rest as-is?

> device not found (or something similar).
> Before trying this out, I also tried 
> timeout 10
>   default 0
>   title iPXE
>   kernel (hd0,0)/ipxe.lkrn
>   initrd myscript.ipxe
> This one does not work at all. At a certain point the system just hangs
> with a black screen and a blinking cursor. 

This might actually be a bug. Adding the script as an initrd is supposed
to work. You might be able to find out what is happening with a
carefully targeted DEBUG= setting. Not entirely sure what to specify
there, though. Probably something related to image handling and script

-- Robin

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