[ipxe-devel] MinGW compile error

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Sun Dec 23 12:29:11 UTC 2012

On 23.12.2012 11:11, Darren Charette wrote:
> Hopefully compilation errors belong here on the list.

They do.

> Attempting to build either bin/undionly.kpxe or bin/808610d3.rom from
> current git sources ends in the following error under MSYS/MinGW:
>   [BUILD] bin/acpi.o
> C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Local\Temp\ccs9ObFf.s: Assembler messages:
> C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Local\Temp\ccs9ObFf.s:56: Error: junk at end of
> line, first unrecognized character is `"'
> C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Local\Temp\ccs9ObFf.s:72: Error: unknown pseudo-op:
> `.previous'
> make: *** [bin/acpi.o] Error 1
> This is the latest MinGW/MSYS version, including gcc 4.7.2. Is this a known
> problem? Is building under MinGW even supported?

Building on Windows is not supported, not even with Cygwin. I seem to
recall that I have heard that someone have had luck with Cygwin, but I'm
not sure. I'd suggest you check the mailing-list archives if you're
interested in that.

You'll need a more Unix-like environment to build iPXE. Our current
recommendation is to create a virtual machine and install a Linux
distribution like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or CentOS for compiling your
custom ipxe binary.

If you want to keep trying, one of the core developers might be able to
tell you what that error message actually means (I'm not one of them).
The first thing I'd check is that you're using a recent version of your
assembler. It could also be a side-effect of how filesystem paths work
on Windows, and the makefile and tools are not setup to handle that (but
I'm just guessing).

-- Robin

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