[ipxe-devel] with dual boot menu on a SAN by iSCSI

Ruben Cervantes Rodríguez ruben.cervantes at cmg.jovenclub.cu
Sat Dec 1 21:41:48 UTC 2012

Colleagues I write because I need to know if the ipxe supports background
image and if it can be run on a network of thin clients on each machine to
display a different option. I have implemented a SAN by the iSCSI protocol
and use an image for each client, at this moment I'm working out with
syslinux but it I would use only ipxe. With the syslinux've gotten
customers by showing the same physical address calling ipxe menu and this
is responsible for booting from the selected image with the option

Need to know if it is possible that the ipxe could search in the trivial
tftp server configuration file for each client using the physical address
of each customer, as does the syslinux.

Would appreciate any solution or idea you can give me to make this process
more simple, thank you very much beforehand

Lic. Ruben Cervantes Rodríguez
Instructor y administrador de red
JCCE Vtes1
Camagüey Cuba

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