[ipxe-devel] ipxe.no-pxedhcp possible in ipxe script?

Joshua Jensen joshua at joshuajensen.org
Fri Aug 24 22:30:27 UTC 2012

I'm booting an ipxe.iso cdrom on remote machines, with this embedded script:


chain http://server/pxe/ipxe-script-file

The ipxe-script-file allows me to easily change what I want the
booting machines to ultimately load, without redistributing new ISO
files to a very large and geographically dispersed set of clients.
Its contents are thus:

set filename http://server/pxe/pxelinux.0
chain ${filename}

Here is the issue: I'm having issues with ProxyDHCP server on the
subnets that some of the booting machines are on.  I don't control
those DHCP servers, so I can't set "option ipxe.no-pxedhcp 1" on them.
 They are providing alternative filenames that are screwing up my boot

Is there a way to tell ipxe in either the first (embedded) or second
script to essentially not wait for, or otherwise disregard, answer
from the various ProxyDHCP servers from which my machines are hearing?

Joshua Jensen
joshua aatttt joshuajensen ddooottt org

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