[ipxe-devel] iPXE with SCCM Chaining

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Wed Aug 8 10:21:34 UTC 2012

On 08.08.2012 11:46, Björn S. Hogeman wrote:
> <?php
> header ( "Content-type: text/plain" );
> echo "#!gpxe\n\n";
> echo "isset \${ip} || dhcp || echo DHCP failed\n";
> echo "prompt --key 0x02 --timeout 2000 Press Ctrl-B for the iPXE
> command line... && shell ||\n";
> echo "imgfree\n";
> echo "set next-server\n";
> echo "echo Asset: \${asset}  Serial: \${serial}.\n";
> echo "cpuid --ext 29 && set arch x64 || set arch x86\n";
> echo "chain boot\\\${arch}\wdsnbp.com\n";
> echo "boot\n";
> echo "exit\n";
> ?>

Why are you using PHP at all? From what I can see, this is just a static
iPXE script, and might as well be served as a plain text file.

> Where it failed is the chain loading. It gives a file not found.
> When pressing Ctrl-B and give above command's by hand there is no
> problem. The F12 prompt from SCCM is shown with all other useless info
> sccm always gives at the prompt. But from the script it is a problem.
> Except when you embed it, then it runs fine as well, but then the
> webserver don't get the request with the additional strings and the
> whole point of using ipxe is gone.

The Microsoft WDS binaries does not use the traditional PXE interface to
fetch files, it uses TFTP explicitly. You also need a TFTP server that
supports that backslash hack, like tftpd-hpa (in Ubuntu).

I've used this URL to ensure WDS is loaded correctly:

chain tftp://${next-server}/%5CBoot%5CPXE%5Cpxeboot.n12

That requires setting up /etc/tftpd.map something like this:

# cat /etc/tftpd.map
# Convert backslashes to slashes
rg \\ /
# Ensure /Boot is always mapped to uppercase
rg /boot/boot.sdi /Boot/boot.sdi

Enabling tftpd.map should work with something like this config:

# cat /etc/default/tftpd-hpa
TFTP_OPTIONS="-s -v -m /etc/tftpd.map"

-- Robin

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