[ipxe-devel] Tftp transfer speed issues

Alpar Torok alpar-istvan.torok at hp.com
Tue Aug 7 12:43:07 UTC 2012

On 08/07/2012 02:29 PM, Michael Brown wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 Aug 2012 10:22:30 Alpar Torok wrote:
>> First of all thanks for the great work don on this tool.
>> I saw an issue with PXE booting winpe with bootmgr.exe over tftp.
>> The wim image takes a lot of time to load. With iPXE it takes about 7
>> minutes,
>> while with pxelinux.0  it loads in about 2,  on the same setup.
>> gPXE takes way more, 30 minutes!
>> Does anybody have a clue on why that  is?
> Is bootmgr.exe using the TFTP, UDP, or UNDI API?
> You can find out which one it is by building with
> DEBUG=pxe_tftp:3,pxe_udp:3,pxe_undi:3.  You'll get a very large number of
> debug messages; it should be fairly obvious whether they're mentioning
> Thanks,
> Michael

I tried with debugging enabled, but all I could see is that bootmgr is 
itself downloaded with  PXENV_TFTP_*
and this is also taking longer.  After that the console is painted with 
a progress bar, and I can't see the messages.
Is there any other way to figure this out?


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