[ipxe-devel] gPXE boot failure in VC environment

Savitha.Hiriyannaiah at Emulex.Com Savitha.Hiriyannaiah at Emulex.Com
Fri Oct 28 22:14:47 UTC 2011


Thank you for the patch.

I will test with it.


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On Friday 28 Oct 2011 22:09:02 Savitha.Hiriyannaiah at emulex.com wrote:
> I am seeing gPXE boot failure in VC environment as described below. I would
> like to hear from the gPXE community about the resolution.

Fixed in the current iPXE tree:


Please note that gPXE is no longer supported; as I have mentioned previously, 
you should upgrade to iPXE as soon as possible.

(As a warning: the above patch will probably apply cleanly to the old gPXE 
tree, but will definitely not work.)


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