[ipxe-devel] VirtualBox WDS Issues

Clifroy Henry buysomesocks at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 08:02:23 UTC 2011

I have a system of virtual machines setup on an internal network with 
the VB dhcp server disabled.

#1 is my firewall with one port bridged to the interface on the host and 
the other interface on the internal network. DHCP is disabled and 
relayed to #2 Which is a Windows 2008 R2 Server managing WDS. I have the 
DHCP options configured to point to my #3 Debian target and #4 Is the 

I have been forced to use ipxe.iso as all my previous efforts of 
chainloading undionly.kpxe then booting wdsnbp.com have failed with some 
weird WDS error which after being in contact with Michael Brown over IRC 
I still was not able to resolve.

When using any of the Intel NICs in VB after displaying the Root Path, 
it pauses for about 5 seconds or so and then shows "Could not open SAN 
device: Connection timed out (http://ipxe.org/4c0a6035)
No more network devices"

The strange thing is if I change to any of the AMD PCNET NICs it boots 
fine until it complains that it couldn't find a driver in the image.

I'm at my whits end so if anyone could spare some insight it would be 
much appreciated. Thank you.

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