[ipxe-devel] uncompressed (patchable) image?

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Mon Nov 14 14:29:03 UTC 2011


Am 11.11.2011 22:15, schrieb Michael Brown:
>> would there be a way to build a single image that works for rtl8139, or as
>> a fallback any UNDI interface?
>    make bin/rtl8139--undi.iso

Please give me a short hint how to build an iPXE image which

1) can be chainloaded via PXE
1) contains ALL native drivers (not just for a single card)
2) is still able to fallback to UNDI

Do any of these make sense? (compiling works, but I'm not sure whether 
it makes sense)

make bin/--undi.pxe
make bin/--undi.kpxe
make bin/--undi.kkpxe

Thanks and best regards,

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