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Wed Mar 30 22:16:34 UTC 2011


i am trying to discover and use ipxe .. i think is a terrific piece of

however is a bit difficult to customize, not all can (or know) always
compile code

is there an option to "include" config files?

.. that way default binary package could have an integrated reference to
"include default.ipxe", which maybe can be loaded aside "boot.kpxe" binary
using the same protocol before run .. this could give us the freedom and
ease to write a "default.ipxe" config file according with our needs and
without needing of edit and recompile entire code

can you install a forum? .. is a bit difficult to share ideas, get help and
communicate with you

many thanks in advance, i wish the gratest success to you and your project

forgive my english, i am chilean

see us
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