[ipxe-devel] EAP Authentication Methods?

Gregory Fuller gregory.fuller at oswego.edu
Tue Mar 29 22:03:23 UTC 2011

I see that there is basic EAP Over LAN (EAPOL) support in iPXE.
Anyone working on adding EAP authentication methods such as EAP-MD5,
EAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP, etc?  It would be great if this support was
available.  We currently use gPXE to bootstrap our LANDesk PXE boot
menu which is provided by DHCP options and provide additional boot
options to client.  But we are moving from open data ports to secure
802.1x enabled ports where we can't enable any sort of open access
which would allow this to still function.  Typically you could use MAC
based authentication at the switchport to get PXE functionality
working on a dot1x port (ie: allow the client on the network), but we
are unable to do that the way we are configured.  It would be nice if
iPXE had even basic EAP-MD5 support which would allow PXE clients to
authenticate to the switchport and load our imaging software over the
network.  I'm willing to test if someone is working on building this
support in!


Gregory A. Fuller - CCNA
Network Manager
State University of New York at Oswego
Phone: (315) 312-5750

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