[ipxe-devel] Chainloading from iPXE to other PXE servers

Mike Sollanych msollany at sfu.ca
Fri Mar 25 18:14:11 UTC 2011


I'm working on a project that aims to centralize deployment methods at a university. iPXE is going to be the cornerstone of this effort. 

One thing we'd like to be able to do is to allow various other IT departments to use this central iPXE menu to boot to their existing PXE servers (i.e. FOG, Ghost, Cobbler, etc). 
It seems like this should be possible with chain command, and indeed it will go ahead and load a PXELINUX image from another TFTP server, but when that image is launched, it appears to be looking at the iPXE server to get the new pxelinux.cfg file, not the newly supplied other PXE server. 

Is there a good way to "bounce" off of iPXE and over to another PXE server? 

Alternately, we may be able to solve *most* of this problem if we could use iPXE variables (i.e. ${hostname}, ${mac}) inside of vesamenu.c32, so that pointing at things like our FOG server (which generates MAC-specific pxelinux.cfg files to perform 'tasks') could be done in a dynamic fashion. 

If there's a way to do either of these, please let me know. 

Thanks much, 

Mike Sollanych - msollany at sfu.ca 
IT Services RCG - Simon Fraser University 

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