[ipxe-devel] SAN Boot Windows XP with USB-NIC.

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Fri Mar 18 18:44:27 UTC 2011

On Friday 18 Mar 2011 17:57:14 jerrycheng-hinet wrote:
> After testing, the largest value that works is "-s 1464".

That's very odd.  It would be interesting to know what causes this limit.  
(For example, does a normal-sized "-s 1472" ping work over this USB NIC when 
it *isn't* being used by iPXE?)

> It inspired me to try to setup mtu as 1492. Amazingly, it works. I can see
> logo of windows xp now!

Excellent! :)

> Although it finally hanged at windows blue screen (looks like to be 0x7B),
>  I think it should relate to "boot form usb device" issue this time. I will
>  try to install windows xp into usb flash drive, and use it to create a new
>  image for a trial.

Are you using the latest version of sanbootconf 
(http://git.ipxe.org/release/sanbootconf/)?  If so, you should see some iSCSI-
related messages appear on the boot screen.  For example:



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