[ipxe-devel] Keymap support

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Wed Mar 16 13:38:12 UTC 2011


Am 16.03.2011 13:13, schrieb Michael Brown:
> There is now.  Edit KEYBOARD_MAP in config/console.h.

Thank you very much!

> I would appreciate feedback on how well this works since I have only a UK
> keyboard to test with, and the US and UK layouts have only minor differences.

I did a current git checkout, changed KEYBOARD_MAP from "us" to "de" and 
started the build.

Unfortunately, I do not see any change of the keyboard layout. Neither 
on a physical system (Dell Latitude E6400), nor on a virtual machine 

I then realized that _all_ the src/hci/keymap/keymap_??.c files are zero 
bytes in size. Is that intended?

Thanks again!

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